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Monday, July 19, 2010

How long did it take to update your Ipod Touch to a 4.0?

I recently got a 8gb Ipod Touch from Target. I have had it about a month and recently discovered it wanted to update to a ios4.0 or something like that. I started about a half hour ago, and I was just curious as to how long it

PS2-My PS2 reads

What is the best thing to do to correct this problem...
try Broswer and Active The Diagnose And Insert your cd ps2
Is this happening on EVERY disk you put in? Or just one?

If it

How to get my Xbox 360 to have better graphics?

Budget is 100 dollars, what do I need to do this?
If your video is currently hooked up to your TV with the standard composite cable (red/white/yellow) included with the system, then you can opt for either an HDMI cable (as Milk84 suggested) or a component cable (red/green/blue) set to HDTV. Best to make sure what inputs your TV supports first.

After you make the new connection, go into the grahics menu (from System Settings) and make sure it

Verizon blackberry world edition (8830) question?

ok, so my friend wants to trade sim cards so she can use my phone and i can use hers, she has at

LG Chocolate Touch, is it a good phone?

Im getting an upgrade on my phone and i was thinking about getting this one, or possible the enV 3. If you have this phone, whats good about it? whats not so great? i need help making a decision
I honestly would not recommend either phone- the Chocolate

Pad or ipod touch 3g 32gb?

Ipad or ipod touch 3g 32gb?

i was going to buy an ipod touch 32gb, then ipad came out now im deciding

please provide pros and cons of what i should buy, plus i go to school so which would be better to take with me(like music) and provide your answer thank you

ohh and what ipad if u choose

high definition screen, 3g in some models

cons- quite big, so its pretty uncomfortable to just take it out at any random place,most games were made for ipod touch, some made it so it would be compatible, other game creators didnt

(how are u supposed to listen to music while u walk when its a huge beast!!)

ipod pros

small, most games are made for ipod touch

cons-not hd screen (still pretty high resolution)
get bothh !

thats what iimma doo .

but i already got the 32 gb ipod so ii dont have to decide .
what are going to be doing with it. i have 16 gb i pod touch it. if your going t be using as music player and s,mall Video palyer then go i pod. if your going t do real work with it then go i pad. i got 1100 Song on my 16 gp i pod touch

What are some tuners and/or metronomes that you would suggest?

I need a metronome at least, but I would like a combination metronome and tuner if possible. I play a Bb trumpet. I would like a tuner that can go 120 bpm or more, as I currently need to practice jazz music, and have a few problems counting. In addition, I also need to work on marching band music, specially keeping a certain high passage in tune. So far, I might buy one of the following:

Boss TU80 Tuner and Metronome

Korg TM40 Digital Tuner Metronome.